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Read My Interview About Writing & the Sam Slater Mystery series This is an interview I gave recently to the Virginia Beach Examiner at Our guest today is Greg Messel, author of the mystery romance, Fog City Strangler. Greg Messel grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and … Continue reading


Buy “Fog City Strangler” for Just 99 Cents At Amazon Countdown Sale

Get my new mystery novel “Fog City Strangler” at Amazon through April 6th for just 99 cents. It won’t last long. Load on your Kindle today. FOG CITY STRANGLER is now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in softcover … Continue reading

Read A Two Chapter Sneak Preview of “Fog City Strangler”

Chapter 1 Stinson Beach November 22, 1958 A noise that sounded like glass shattering and a door being kicked open startled Amelia Slater awake. She jolted out of bed and peered out the window but saw nothing. The worst storm … Continue reading

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