I’m Currently Writing “San Francisco Nights”

I’m well on my way in writing the next book in the Sam Slater Mystery series “San Francisco Nights.”
Here’s a synopsis:
A mysterious woman in a large red hat is following Sam Slater and finally crosses his path on a train. The woman says she desperately needs help because she is getting threatening anonymous notes. Sam is willing to help her but Amelia warns that she has a bad feeling about the mystery woman. The PIs discover that this woman has a secret life–one that she carefully conceals from her husband who’s a rich, shipping magnate and often out of town. The story unfolds in the fall of 1959 in San Francisco against the backdrop of the Nixon-Kennedy debates on television.
The more Sam and Amelia get tangled up in the strange woman’s web of intrigue the more they discover that no one is telling them the truth about what is really going on. Someone is ready to blow the lid off of the woman’s secret world where she has illicit affairs at a swanky downtown hotel. She begins to receive notes quoting Bible verse about adultery and the anonymous messages are getting more and more ominous with each passing day.
Watch for “San Francisco Nights” by Christmas of 2016.

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