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Book Six: On the hottest day of the year in San Francisco in 1959, Private Detectives Sam and Amelia Slater are contemplating fleeing the city… [read more]
Book Five: Private Eye Sam Slater is hired to perform what he thinks is a routine two-day job as a favor for a friend. However, it all goes terribly wrong… [read more]
Book Four: As 1958 nears an end San Francisco is being terrorized by a man who calls himself the “Fog City Strangler,” who preys on pretty young blonde… [read more]
sf_secrets_200x300Book Three: Sam and Amelia’s relationship will be tested as they work together to solve the mystery on the foggy streets of San Francisco… [read more]
deadly_plunge_200x300Book Two: Sam and Amelia are plunged into a dangerous world of political intrigue in the exciting sequel to Last of the Seals… [read more]
last_seals_200x300Book One: Mystery, romance and baseball in 1957 San Francisco. Sam Slater is a lifetime minor league baseball player at the end of his career… [read more]

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